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PassportConnect provides developer-friendly payment solutions to integrate payments online, onsite and on-the-go for businesses of all sizes. Offering seamless, secure and innovative solutions, PassportConnect prides itself on the promise to exceed the expectations of our partners, their development teams, and the clients we both serve.

PassportConnect promises to significantly enhance your team's payments integration experience through it's curated developer support, feature-rich API, and laser-focused documentation.


PassportConnect was designed with a single purpose in mind-to help busineses grow by maximizing revenue. We offer multi-processor connectivity with a single, simple integration using state-of-the-art developer tools, a drop in hosted form solution, and ongoing developer support.

Expertly Designed API

You name it we have it. Our dev team moves mountains ensuring your solution's point of sale is fully-equipped with up-to-the-minute payments technology. Whether you require in-store card, on-the-web, mobile, or all the above, our API has what you need.

Integrate EMV with Ease

Chip card acceptance done right. By embedding our out-of-scope chip card Payments technology, your merchants will enjoy a secure method of accepting EMV payments. PassportConnect's cloud-based EMV technology is equipped with flexible tip-prompting, multi-merchant support, BIN identification, terminal screen customization and the kitchen sink.

Customizable Hosted Form

Securely collect sensitive card information. Rest easier knowing your ecommerce solution will never touch cardholder data when integrated with our ultra-flexible, secure Hosted Embeded Form.


Everything you need, all in one place

Flexible Tip

Choose from a combination of tip prompt parameters


Tip Eligible Amount

Specify the portion of a total amount that is eligible for a tip


Partial Authorization

Partially authorize pre-paid cards that do not satisfy the amount owed


Terminal Display Customization

A company logo can be displayed on the terminal's screen


Retrieve Non-Financial Card Data

Card data associated with non-financial cards can be sent to your POS unencrypted and in-the-clear


PIN Debit

Take advantage of the lowest possible processing fees with the security of PIN debit


Multi-Merchant Support

Multiple merchants can access one or several EMV terminals


Token Sharing

Tokens can be shared across multiple gateway accounts


Virtual Terminal

Take credit card payments through our hosted virtual terminal


AVS Check

Validate a card's details before requesting a token


Card-Preset Token Retrieval

Obtain a token representing a card inserted during a sale


More Features

Our developers are always working to bring you the best new features

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When you partner with us, we work with you to create a customized launch and engagement plan that includes all the marketing and sales support you crave at your fingertips. With dedicated in-house partner, sales, and client support teams, you and your clients will be in the best of hands. You also receive full access to your portfolio's specifics - including where your referrals are in the sales cycle through tracking your residuals. You will always be in control.

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